"The Art of Black & White Portrait Photography"

by Oscar Lozoya is published through Amherst Media.

  This comprehensive educational book explains how Oscar Lozoya created some of his highest award winning images, complete with lighting diagrams with over 100 images. In addition to discussing Oscar's singular style of dramatic lighting, other topics include composition, subject selection and the creative process.

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Individual Mentoring/Workshops
  Mentoring/Workshop Sessions are a great solution for targeted learning on the topics of your choice.

1 Hour - $450.00
2 Hours - $900.00
4 Hours - $1,800.00
8 Hours/1 Day - $3,000.00
2 Days - $5,000.00
3 Days - $7,500.00

  Mentoring/Workshop Sessions Must be Pre-Paid to Schedule. Scheduling is based on availability. Once a Session is scheduled the Studio shall reserve the time and date(s) agreed upon and will not make other reservations for that time and date(s). For this reason; in the event of a postponement, cancelation, termination or no-show of the mentoring session, retainer(s) paid are not refundable and cannot be applied toward future credit.

  To set-up a customized mentoring plan call the studio at:
 (505) 243-1007 or email: lozoyastudios@aol.com

What Previous Participants are Saying:

  "It was one of the best workshops I have ever attended." - Les P.

  "This was an amazing workshop... very fluid in the way it was taught. So much great information. I have a new inspiration." - David L.

  "Your workshop helped me to better understand the way light works on any subject any where. And that is truly invaluable." - Cheryl C.
  "Clear explanations of not just the technical aspects of studio lighting but also the whys. Jessica and Oscar are such a tremendous wealth of information for any portrait photographer." - Bill E.

  "I learned so much from the workshop. It has really helped me in realizing how to go about achieving my artistic vision." - Nancy J.

  "Your explaination of lighting was to the point and so easy to understand...
Such a wonderful day of learning. You both have hearts of teachers and I appreciate so much, the opportunity to have attended." - Linda S.

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