Need Professional Passport Photos done right the first time?

  We are Albuquerque's Passport Photography Specialists. Need a Passport or Visa Photo aside from the 2 x 2 inch size? Some of the different sizes we other include: 35mm x 45mm, 3.5cm x 4.5cm, 1.37 inch x 1.77 inch, 35mm x 53mm, 1 inch x 1 1/4 inch, 26mm x 32mm, 50mm x70mm, and 5cm x 7cm.

  Lozoya Studio's guarantees passport photographs taken here to be accepted at the official agency that the photos are requested for. Using specialized passport photography equipment allows us to measure and cut to the exact size for each passport agency requirements.

  Photographs are taken using professional lighting - not harsh on camera flash - that allows for soft, even lighting with no shadows on the person or the background.

  Canadian and Mexican Passport Photos are a different size than US Passport Photos. (50 mm x 70 mm, 35 mm x 45 mm & 2 inch x 2 inch) Lozoya Studios' has the specialized equipment to create the exact size required for both Canada and Mexico.

  Chinese Visa Photos are also a different size than US Passport and require specific sizing and placement within the photo. (33 mm x 48 mm overall)

  To better serve our clients, we are open by appointment only. To schedule an appointment please call the studio at - (505) 243-1007.

Passport Photo Pricing:
2 Passport Photos* are $15.00
4 Passport Photos* are $20.00
6 Passport Photos* are $30.00
8 Passport Photos* are $40.00
10 Passport Photos* are $50.00

  Digital Passport Files are $50.00 each.

  *All Prices are per person, include tax and are subject to change without notice.

  We also offer specialty photos for certificates and diplomas cut to an oval shape. The most commonly requested in black & white on matte paper. Matte paper does require a different camera and printer system - add $25.00 set-up fee for Matte paper finish. (Additional development time also required.) Since size requirements vary - please bring in the specific size that is needed.

  We're experienced in the exact specifications needed for all major passport photos needs including:

American (US) Citizenship Photos (Fotos de Ciudadania)
American (US) Immigration Photos (Fotos de Inmigracion)
American (US) Passport Photos
American (US) Resident Card Photos (Fotos de Residencia)
Australian Passport Photos
Argentina (Argentinean) Passport Photos
Bahamas (Bahamian) Passport Photos
Brazil (Brazilian) Passport Photos
Britain (British/United Kingdom) Passport Photos
British Visa Photos
Canadian Citizenship Photos
Canadian Passport Photos - Including all required stamps on the reverse side of the photo
Canadian Visa Photos
China (Chinese) Passport Photos
China (Chinese) Visa Photos
Czechoslovakia (Czech) Passport Photos
Denmark (Danish) Passport Photos
France (French) Passport Photos
Germany (German) Passport Photos
Holland (Dutch) Passport Photos
India Passport Photos
Indonesia Passport Photos
Ireland (Irish) Passport Photos
Israel (Israeli) Passport Photos
Italy (Italian) Passport Photos
Japan ( Japanese) Passport Photos
Lebanon (Lebanese) Passport Photos
Maldives Passport Photos
Mexican ID Photos (Fotos de Infantil - en color o blanco y negro)
Mexican Passport Photos (Fotos de Pasaporte Mexicano)
Morocco (Moroccan) Passport Photos
Nepal Visa Photos
New Zealand Passport Photos
Nigeria Passport Photos
Poland (Polish) Passport Photos
Palestine Passport Photos
Peru (Peruvian) Passport Photos
Russian Passport Photos
Sweden (Swedish) Passport Photos
Switzerland (Swiss) Passport Photos
Thailand Passport Photos
Tonga Passport Photos
Trinidad and Tobago Passport Photos
Uganda Passport Photos
Zimbabwe Passport Photos

If the country you need Passport Pictures for isn't listed above - just bring in the paper work with the specifications and we can meet your photographic needs.