Oscar Lozoya
La Muerte
  The images in Oscar Lozoya's "La Muerte" series are based on Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), an important and festive Mexican holiday celebrated since the time of the Aztecs. This festival is traditionaly celebrated on November 1st and 2nd along with the Catholic All Saints Day and All Souls Day. The celebration honors the dead, but also mocks death and has fun with it, all the while aware that death in folklore is not the same as death in reality.

  Oscar Lozoya has exhibited his "La Muerte" series in galleries and museums around the world, every year since 1994. This series has grown to become his largest and most recognized series of black and white photographic art.

A Little About What Goes Into Creating an Oscar Lozoya Fine Art Print:

  Oscar Lozoya personally controls each Fine Art Image at every step. This begins with the concept, selecting any props that are to be used, then directing the subject, light design, the exposure and the printing process.

  During the course of his career as a full-time professional photographer, Oscar Lozoya has refined his style of intricate lighting both in his studio as well as on location.

  After the session, each image is meticulously hand printed by Oscar Lozoya, employing a method he has developed to produce the print qualities he desires. Finished images are printed on the highest quality exhibition archival media. Oscar will spend as much time as needed working to refine each image to his exacting standards. This labor intensive process contributes to his signature style.

  Oscar Lozoya Fine Art Prints are then mounted and matted using museum rag board, the edition is recorded - only then does it receive Oscar's signature.

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